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Lemieux doors / Masonite … or when an automated handling system makes life easier for workers!

Lemieux / Masonite doors or …when an automated handling system makes life easier for workers!

Once upon a time, the president of Solutech Packaging Systems and it is my pleasure to name Stéphane Côté ... who with all his 25 years of experience in packaging and material handling equipment business decided to call a local company Portes Lemieux, but now owned by the multinational Masonite!

Obviously it was about equipment but also, as in a global context, ergonomics for the benefit of workers. Injuries resulting from the repetitive handling of the products or the load cause workers to use their bodies unnecessarily, while automation is an excellent solution without jeopardizing the operator’s job and help him/her perform his task much faster without the inconvenience.

It was therefore decided to draw a handling system that could be called a “stacker” of the “custom” type i.e. a unique model that is not found elsewhere, specifically for the need of Lemieux Doors / Masonite. We had already done something similar for Domtar with automatic core handling system.

This was the beginning of a production for 12 systems all installed above the 12 door assembly presses. When doors are assembled, Solutech systems automatically take the door and lay them on an exit conveyor. Subsequently another manufacturing process follows, such as painting. Formerly the operator had to manually take the door from the carousel and this by hand to put it on a conveyor one by one while now, with our system it allows, thanks to the automation, to install several doors without the operator having to do any physical manipulation. Time saved is used for better production. In addition, this Masonite unit which is  “Portes Lemieux” is renowned for its manufacturing of high-end doors using noble materials including wood, so by automating, the risk of breakage is importantly reduced.

What a beautiful experience it was and see through these images, 12 systems side by side.  Let’s face it, it is quite impressive.


Thanks to Lemieux Doors / Masonite for your trust during these 10 months of designing, manufacturing and installation. Employees of your company must be…much happier!


Signed by: Web packager….Solutech#1