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Still extatic from attending California packaging show…and back with good news!

What a beautiful return from California Westpack show and some good news!

When we return from a packaging show, we are always “boosted” to the maximum and here is why ;

You know, we manufacturers are always installed in our manufacturing plant, searching and finding solutions to make our customer’s life easier. So when the opportunity arises for us to become exhibitors in a packaging  show, it is with a lot of nervousness that we move towards the show because we will be installed directly in front of the users of our equipment.  Not nervous about the quality of our equipment, but so different action than the one in the plant with the engeneering and customer experience teams day by day.  Thanks to one of our clients, Delta Technology we were able to share the costs of a booth at Westpack, Anaheim, California and what a great experience

Most of visitors discovered us and our equipment but we also had the chance to discover beautiful companies, all potential customers/users of our equipment. What’s more, we will now have the chance to have a regional representative for California, Oregon and all of the US West territory and this includes service of course but our added value REMAINS in the fact that you always have direct access to our plant, no matter the issue or an issue with any of our equipment.

So for any request out west you contact us and we will put you in touch with our regional representative with pleasure.

So, still extatic about all these meetings and requests from potential customers for which we will have to answer as soon as possible! But WE ARE NOW REPRESENTED out west and of course we will continue to go on site when needed for assessments of your needs, and also … .to attend these packaging shows that “are boosting our system” for many weeks.

THANKS TO YOU  and Delta Technology who invited us to participate in this show, which I had not participated for many years, despite my 20 years as an expert as a packaging equipment manufacturer in order for you to transport your great products to end user in a safe and efficient manner.

*Still looking for Regional Rep in Northern states and Midwest if you know of anyone who would like to join a manufacturer as close as the phone, text, for all your questions.

Stéphane Côté, CEO, Solutech Packaging systems