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WELCOME Stephen Moran

A LUCKY WEEK for Solutech as we welcome a second person, this NEW EMPLOYEE we have been looking for for a while now!

As you know, since January the requests for submissions have broken and we must follow up and despite the important presence of Dominic Sanders, our President has his hands full. And still it is necessary to continue the constant innovation. So we were initially looking for a Sales Assistant to track submissions, and most importantly to liaise with our customers whose systems are in production so that the customer experience is memorable.

But as a “luck never comes alone”  well the ideal person is in addition technical designer !!! And yes, the internal sales assistant who can draw the plans for our submissions, but who can also support the production according to “rush” periods. Ideal situation will you say? YES.

HERE’S STEPHEN MORAN …. Assistant to the president (designer and internal sales).