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Good news: More space for Solutech with a second production building!

A lot of action going on at  Solutech Packaging Systems recently!

A few months ago we made the choice to repatriate our “painting room” and the reason is very simple; to improve delivery times for our customers.

Our subcontractors are very important to us, but delivery times sometimes make all the difference when it comes time to sign or not a purchase order for our products.

So we did internal remodeling to install everything.


Due to a lot orders and therefore even more tight delivery times, we acquired 7,000 square feet more, and lucky were we,  this building was located across the street!

TOTAL 22,000 S.F.

That’s a total of 22,000 square feet, which will house our team, production machinery and your systems ! In this other building we will now be able to proceed to the machining of our raw material, steel, and all parts which require machining while on the side at the parent company, our team of engineers, designers, assembly team will produce all our models, our complete systems etc.

We were eager to share this beautiful news with you; growth also means offering new jobs!

We are located in a beautiful small bucolic town in Eastern Townships, between Drummondville and Sherbrooke (25 minutes on each side) which makes us attractive for the workforce.

Following the mega-exhibition of SIAL in Montreal (the largest agri-food show in North America) we have so many requests that our team is ready, the space is perfect, new employees trained … .and let’s go Solutech!

The team