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Well known in the manufacturing of pallet stretch wrapping machines and high quality palletizers, Solutech Packaging systems manufacture as well, pallet inverters.

What is a pallet inverter?

It’s an automatic machine that rotate 180 degrees complete pallet load.


1) A client has damage pallets onto which they have already palletized their goods, therefore they need to re-palletize onto a new pallet to provide their customer with a professional looking package, Solutech produce a pallet inverter to save time, energy and improve working ergonomics.

2) A client in the cheese business, must invert in their processes their containers of cheese to ensure a good visual look, so at mid process he invert the pallet for a given time and the cheese become flat and a perfect cube.

3) A client receive product from oversee and palletize them on inexpensive pallets since most of it’s customer accept these pallets however from time to time he has large customers requesting to receive their products on CHEP pallet, the pallet inverter accomplish this task within 30 seconds.

These are some of the potential applications for the Solutech pallet inverter !!