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Here is why it is important for us to be a proud member of PMMI- Association for Packaging and Processing technologies-

Earlier this month, we joined the international association of 800 member companies PMMI  Association for Packaging and Processing technologies.

We are proud to have been accepted as a member and we now have access to many customers who are confident in choosing a supplier, member of this very important ASSOCIATION.

About PMMI:

Founded in 1933, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is a trade association made up of more than 800 member companies that manufacture packaging, processing and packaging-related converting machinery, commercially-available packaging machinery components, containers and materials in the United States, Canada and Mexico. PMMI’s vision is to be the leading global resource for processing and packaging, and its mission is to improve and promote members’ abilities to succeed in a global marketplace.

PMMI connects the makers of goods with the packaging and processing suppliers they rely on. Together we help provide people around the world with innovative, safe, convenient and cost-effective products that touch lives every day.

We advance the industry through our world-class PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows, PMMI Media Group and a wide range of Business Drivers to empower our members.



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