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Solutech innovates with this door handling system

Solutech Packaging has always been attentive to the needs of its customers. Often our distributors and their representatives have a keen ear and transmit certain issues from our customers, for which no solution has yet been found. We start the task in our R & D department, we must also obtain the parameters from the customer, and we always end up developing a system that will solve its big challenge.

This was the case for Mansonite for automated manipulation of interior doors. The systems designed improve the work ergonomics of the operators because previously, through repetitive gestures with considerable weight, it was not ergonomic (take manually glued doors and stack them on a conveyor).

Now it is a SOLUTECH equipment that identifies the doors to know the right size, fits, pick up the door with a vacuum system and then stack them perfectly.

Our customer Portes Lemieux, for  which we are at 4 on an order of 10, for which several workstations on which are installed our equipment. For Portes Lemieux it is a turnkey i.e. installation and start-up included. The profitability of this project is impressive.