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Solutech celebrates summer!

At Solutech we often refer to us as a beautiful big family ….

Well we will let you in, with pictures, photos, in our small circle with some members of our team and even of “our” children … while our BBQ GRAND CHEF, and I named our president Stéphane Côté, offered us a beautiful BBQ WATERSIDE PARTY at his  cottage last Friday. I can hear you dear customers, exclaim “Hooo there, I did not receive my system yet, you  must return to work now” …. HAHAHA  Do not worry because our system’s orders, many yes,  are following their schedule!

We are celebrating a fall winter season (2017-2018)  filled with surprises as we have entered the agri-food market more actively … just like (as a metaphore) diving in the lake on Friday (heat wave) and we are very happy.  So we are

in production of all these palletizers and wrappers … .of course but we took a time off to celebrate t Canada Day holiday which allowed us to “refuel”

Thanks to our boss Stéphane … and I leave you here in photos