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Another innovative solution we are proud of!

Following our “USA” week last week as our customers came from all over USA  to learn more about our SOLUTECH solutions and take a look at their systems, it’s clear that we cannot talk to you about our customers directly but we can show you these solutions because they required engineering and obviously this is great INNOVATION.


  • Unstable product
  • certain handlings will have to be done during the operation while ensuring the safety of the worker in the zone
  • need to integrate a robot into the system
  • tilt the conveyors
  • special sequences for inserts of product protection corners
  • development of special conveyors


YES, because our original SCRTA-200 will probably eventually change it’s name for this system because it would be SCRTA-200 WITH +++++ (CUSTOM)

So here, in overview only, this SOLUTION in an industry that will surely promise a good growth for SOLUTECH because WE have developed the SOLUTION and we are very proud of it.


THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMER for his confidence in the R & D process …. which allows us today to deliver this system!